Last April, a Santee teenager that was involved in a Car Crash that killed his two friends who happened to be his passengers, has changed his plea to guilty last Tuesday.

Michael Johnson, eighteen years-old, will face a 180 days in the Sheriff’s custody and he will be on Probation for the next three years.  The lighter sentence was the result of Johnson pleading Guilty instead of Not Guilty.  The new plea deal was made in the District Attorney’s Office.  Before changing the plea, Michael Johnson pleaded Not Guilty about the five charges for the Car Crash in April, which resulted to the death of his two passengers and friends.

The Car Crash happened when two drivers including Johnson, was racing in the stretch of Kearny Mesa Highway at the speeds of over one hundred miles per hour.  As a result of the crash, two students were killed when one of the two cars flipped over: Jayli Campbell, 16 years old and Anthony Foreman, 18 years old.  Both are High School Students from Santee.  Another passenger is Charlottle McQuillen, 15 years old.  She was in the front passenger seat of the car when the fatal accident happened.  She was in comatose for almost six days after the crash.  After waking up from a Coma, they found out that she lost some of her Memories.

The first Suspect that pleaded guilty over gross vehicular manslaughter was the driver of the car that flipped.  Michael Johnson was the driver of the other car.  Johnson was arrested right after the car crash.  Now, the Prosecutors hopes that this case will send a message to other teenaged drivers and always remind them that racing should not be done on the streets.  Kristin Spieler of the Prosecution said, “Even if you are not driving the car that crashes, if you or your driving contributed to that condition, you share the responsibility for the injuries and the fatalities that occurred.”

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Source: NBC News San Diego