ST. LOUIS, MO – The police, who were only supposed to be responding to a vehicular accident involving a rental car, were caught by surprise when they found a bag full of pot inside the vehicle’s trunk.

Police were dispatched to the scene of accident as witnesses phoned in reports of a particular vehicular crash at around 1:45 in the morning only to discover a wrecked and abandoned Nissan Altima with a light pole resting on top of the vehicle.

The driver of the Nissan Altima was traveling eastbound on I-70 when he struck a light pole at Shreve and Bircher. Apparently, the driver exited Shreve with much speed which caused the vehicle to jump off a curb and travel into a grassy area and struck the light pole, snapping the light pole from the base.

However, the incident did not deter the driver. Instead, it continued to travel even with the light pole on top of the vehicle. It finally stopped and the occupants inside the vehicle jumped out of the vehicle and fled the scene.

Upon trunk inspection, the police who responded on the scene found a stash of pot that reportedly weighs around four to five pounds.

Currently, the police have no suspects nor have anyone under custody.

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 Police Find Pot In Crashed Car