ORLANDO, Fla. – A driver of a stolen Honda had hit-and-run into a tourist’s a car whilst driving on the wrong way on an Orlando road, according to the investigators.

The hit-and-run driver, who wasn’t caught, is possibly a car thief too, said authorities.

The tourist’s car was rear-ended by the suspect on I-4 at Orange-Seminole County line on a Tuesday morning

Witness of the crash Sharee Rodriguez was driving on Americana Boulevard on her way to breakfast when the suspect driving the silver Honda almost ran her out off the road. She said that the driver was driving crazy and instead of turning left in a turning lane, he came straight across the other lane.

Before the crash, law was already onto a hit-and-run driver. The Honda civic was travelling I-4 with its lights off when it rear-ended Nancy Elliot’s SUV.

Elliot said that they were driving and had heard a big bang sound and her son said that someone hit them from behind.

Elliot was surprised that she wasn’t able to see the vehicle that hit them as she pulled over the interstate. They had kept waiting for the driver but the driver was long gone from the car by then.

Elliot and her family were going to Tampa for a post Christmas party. They almost arrived from North Carolina when the Honda had hit them.

Police dog sniffed the driver’s scent and led them to a fence row along the road. The Honda was dusted for prints and collected evidence but was unable to find the driver, according to deputies.

The car was reported stolen by Altamonte Springs Police from Stone Creek at Wekiva neighborhood. Seminole County deputy was able to locate the car and trailed it to Orange
County where the accident happened.

Elliot said that it was good news that no one was hurt and the car looks repairable.

The Honda happened 30 minutes after it was reported stolen. However, authorities are unclear whether the person driving was the same person who stole it.

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