(Columbia) — On the evening of Friday, a stolen vehicle crashed through the front of a West Columbia pharmacy. The car was allegedly stolen by a 16-year-old at about 5:30 in the afternoon, according to the investigators.

The accident left a wreck in West Columbia and confused onlookers were processing what was left behind the accident—two damaged vehicles; a stolen red Intrigue and a battered Chevy Corsica.

Crystal Dennis, a witness, said that they heard a tremendous noise and promptly went outside to see what was going on.

The alleged thief’s escapade ended up crashing in the front window of the Triangle Pharmacy.

The Lincoln owner, Debbie Harry, was inside the pharmacy when the Inrigue struck her vehicle. Harry said that it was chaotic and that they just heard noise and went straight to the back of the pharmacy.

West Columbia Police Chief Dennis Tyndall says officers were initially called off the chase when the driver started to drive erratically.

According to Tyndall, before the incident had occurred, the driver went through a nearby neighborhood and started to drive at a very high speed when he saw officers there.

Shortly after, the Intrigue struck a Corsica at the intersection of D Avenue and Charleston Highway. A Corsica occupant, Leroy Tillman, was extricated from the vehicle using jaws of life.

Tillman was in a critical condition at Palmetto Richland on Saturday evening.
The teen may faces several other charges, according to Chief Tyndall.

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