May 31, 2013

True friends always look after the welfare of each other. This was exactly what Anthony Zachman did when he saved his friend Jay Shideler trapped inside his BMW that was burning. He was able to pull him out to safety.

Nineteen –year-old Zachman is a sophomore student at the University of Purdue That Friday afternoon, he was driving southward behind  his 20-year-old friend and Butler University student Shideler, along Newcastle Road in the vicinity County Road at 700 South Friday when he could no longer see his friend as he was negotiating a turn around the corner.

Since he lives just along the area, Zachman was aware of the curve in the road so he slowed down. However, Shideler has not driven on that particular portion of road and the bend caught him by surprise.

Zachman was just entering the bend when he saw the burning BMW. As he was running down the hill, he saw flames shooting out from underneath a car that hit a tree on New Castle Road Friday near Stockwell. He bent the window pane of the BMW down and as able to extricate his friend from the top.

The young man was rescued from the   burn vehicle and vehicle and taken to an area hospital. Anthony Zachman after his ordeal of saving his former classmate from a burning vehicle was relieved and talked on a cellphone about his experience.

He estimated that Shideler must have been driving about 55 MPH as that corner really makes you feel you are speeding too fast although it is only around 35.

According to witnesses, Shideler had difficulty in controlling his car and had driven off the east side of the road heading towards a tree. The front of his car was immediately burning.

Couple, Steve and Cheryl Fletcher, who watched the scene from their home across the street, said that across the street saw that Shideler crashed. They both running outside after hearing a loud thud and called 911.

According to Cheryl Fletcher they were afraid that there would explode after the vehicle became fully engulfed, so they carried Shideler and placed him on a rag on farther away from the scene. Zachman said that they were not aware his back injured so they could not move him on the right side.

Officer Drew who comes from the Heath of the Tippecanoe Count Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Shideler injuries were sever and he was transported to the  IU Health.

Zachman said that as he was running towards the car, I heard him call me Z because that was the name he called me when we were in school together. He kept yelling at me saying that he was a goner. It was the most frightful moment of his life.

The police who responded were glad to find that there was no fatality. They will be investigating the cause of the mishap. If the main factor is alcohol or drug, it will be revealed by the result of a toxicity test. Most of the police stated that the main factor was speed since the driver was no longer able to control the speed of his car.

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