In a recent car accident, all those involved could not be saved which resulted in death of three people.

This happened when a BMW with two men and a woman sped into a tree when the driver lost control of the car.

The vehicle was eastbound on Ventura Boulevard at Tujunga Avenue, after about 3:30 a.m. early morning, when all of this took place. The car after losing control, crashed and caused spark resulting in fire in Studio City on Sunday morning.

Friends of the deceased said the driver was Pasha Voldokovich and with him were seated Jason Shmelnik and Ekatrina Uspshanaya. The friends were all very grieved by the sudden and untimely loss of close friends.

According to one of the friends, Vladimir Zolotarev, the girl had come to visit them from New York on the eve of her birthday. It was a devastating situation that they had to come across.

Investigators said that the intense speed of the uncontrolled car led it into downing two trees and finally even managed to crack a gas main.

Los Angeles Police Lt. Andy Neiman quoted a very high rate of speed as for a vehicle shearing off two big sized trees is not easy.

This outrageous crash resulted into the car exploding into flames that spread to a nearby pizzeria. A witness said he saw the driver shouting out for help. But due to the flames surrounding the car no one dared to go close.

The firemen took twenty plus minutes to put out the fire. And later a Hazmat crew cleared up the wreckage and bodies of victims.

The investigators said the deceased were returning from a nightclub in Studio City. But they were waiting for drug reports that would help in finding out if the accident was a result of alcohol.

The same can happen with anyone of us. If we lose a loved one we can never get them back. At the same time we must fight for what’s right, so that such incidents do not destroy our lives of others around us.

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