Sugar Land Police Department has been kept busy at the start of the New Year investigating car accidents around Houston. Noticeably, a number of accidents have taken place in the Houston metro area since the start of the 2013. Houstonians are hoping that these happenings will not be a presage of more accidents to come.

The fact that Huston is the fourth largest city in the United States and according to the 2010 U.S. Census boosts of a population of over 2.1 million within an area of 656.3 square miles. With this number of people and vehicles, road accidents are surely prevalent.

Early morning of New Year’s Day, the Police were investigating an accident involving only one car but it caused the death of one man. At least, the life of one man was claimed by a road accident early Tuesday morning.

  Sugar Land Police Department spokesperson,   Doug Adolph said that a vehicle was heading south along 90 State Highway when it crashed into a traffic pole just at the vicinity of Savoy Street. Due to the impact, the passenger was trapped inside the vehicle.

Adolph said that the mishap was reported at 6:00 o’clock in the morning and when the emergency crew arrived at the scene, they saw the driver standing outside the vehicle with the passenger pinned inside. The driver was able to get out of the car while his passenger was trapped inside.

Traffic responders immediately extricated the passenger who was sustaining critical injuries. Although traffic responders successfully freed the victim inside the car; however, on the road to the hospital, the unfortunate victim died as he sustained life-threatening injuries. The police was not able to clarity the relationship between the driver to the crash victim.

Pending in investigation, authorities did not make public the identities of the fatality, the name of the driver and his current condition in the hospital.

Adolph said that they will wait for the closure of investigation before filing charges. They would like to know if alcohol or drugs were a factor of the crash. They have not inquired if the victims were using seat belts as required by law.

On the 3rd of January, police of the Sugar Land Police Department was investigating a six-vehicle wreck.

Authorities identified a 31-year-old woman from Katy who will be charged for intoxication man slaughter involving six-vehicle that led to one man’s death and serious injury to another person.

Last Thursday, the drunken woman named Mytreka Nyshell Ealem was arrested and kept in the County Jail of Harris with a bond of $30,000.

According to the police, Ealem was traveling south along Texas 6 and approaching Piping Rock Lane at around 4:30 o’clock that Wednesday afternoon. For unknown reason, her car swerved towards the center divider and hit a Ford Escape going north.

Ealem’s Ford Expedition rebounded and hit a Hyandui Santa Fe whose operator was no longer able to control the vehicle.  The Hyandui was hit by two other vehicles that were going north.

The six vehicles involved were Ealem’s Ford Expedition; the Ford Escape, the first car she hit; the Hyandui Santa Fe whose operator lost control; plus two or three other vehicles which hit the Hyandui.

There were two backseat passengers inside the Hyandui were ejected from the car. They sustained critical wounds and were immediately transported to Memorial Hospital of Southwest Hermann. One of the victims, a 42-year-old man died while the other remained in serious condition.

Police confirmed that Ealem was found to be driving under the influence of illegal narcotics.

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