LOS ANGELES –The suicidal Winnetka man who drove recklessly along Pacific Coast Highway and killed a 13-year-old Malibu girl when his car crashed was sentenced to prison for 15 years to life.

Motion for new trial for Sina Khankhanian, who was convicted of second-degree murder for the April 3,2010 incident where Emily Rose Shane was killed, was rejected by LA Superior Court Judge Katherine Mader.

Khankhanian expressed his apologies to the grief he cause to the Shane family. He added that it was never his intention to harm anyone.

Shane was described by her mother, Ellen, as “lovely, sweet, happy-go-lucky girl.”

Ellen told the judge how ironic it was for a 26-yer-old man who wanted to kill himself instead had killed an innocent young girl. His inability to control his emotions and expressed it by driving recklessly endangered the life of others.

Leigh, the victim’s 19-year-old sister, expressed that she misses her younger sister’s hugs and left her coping with a missing piece of her heart.

Michael Shane, the victim’s father, said that he would oppose petition for parole of Khankhanian.

Khankhanian wrote a suicide note before driving recklessly along Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway, zigzagging in traffic, nearly hitting a lot of vehicles before hitting a teenager near Heathercliff Road, according to Deputy District Attorney Marna Miller.

Defense attorney Bradley Brunon said that it was not “the real Mr. Khankhanian” on the day of the accident. He noted that the case was “unique and unusual” and that Khankhanian had no previous criminal history.

He appealed to the judge for Khankhanian’s charges to be reduced or to sentence the defendant to lengthy jail and probation terms instead of prison.

Khankhanian’s attorney had previously stated that his client had long history of autism and had ni intention of killing the girl.

The second jury convicted Khankhanian to hear a case against him. Another jury on January had failed to come up with a unanimous verdict in the case, thus, a mistrial was prompted.

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