Former Victoria Secret and one of Aussie’s most beautiful supermodels, Melinda Kerr, age 29, cannot always have everything nice as she was a car accident victim along  LA Freeway mishap last March 11. She said that it was the scariest moment in her life, as Legolas of the Lord of the Ring elf – Orlando Bloom, her hubby, was not with her. Now her beautiful swan-like neck is adorned with a neck brace.

She appeared to sustain some harm on the neck and on March 12, she was seen going out donning a colorful scarf to hide the brace. Her beauty has not been marred by the neck brace.

Her Australian agent told the press that she will be undergoing a number of MRI scans to determine her injuries, as well as injuries on her back and neck. Melinda Kerr, considered as one of the most beautiful supermodels, is also sustaining a bad whiplash and is in great pain.

The next report will be on the driver who slammed on her car. The police will investigate if the driver was DUI and will be arrested for reckless driving.

Miranda was driving her car with her assistant, and it was a good thing that her husband. Orlando Bloom and their son Flynn, age 2, were not with her. The model’s rep told the press that Bloom was a great husband who took care of his family despite his immense job.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr who is Australia’s contribution to the world of beauty, made newspaper headline after being part of a car accident in Los Angeles last Monday. The photographers had their heyday snapping photos of her wearing a scarf over her neck brace.

The police confirmed that Kerr was driving her car, with her rep as passenger when another vehicle rammed the car in one of LA’s busy freeway. Kerr was immediately rushed to an area hospital where she underwent an MRI scans to find   if there was any permanent damage.

The operator of the ramming car had been apprehended and issued charges for DUI and reckless driving.

Annie Kelly who is Kerr’s spokesperson said that the supermodel was thankful that her two-year old son was not with her in the car.

Kerr is suffering from pain but was grateful that her injuries were not critical. Meanwhile she is supported by her husband, Orlando Bloom, one of tinsel town’s heart throbs. With the best medical attention and her husband’s TLC, she will be back to work in a few days.

One of her important commitments was to go back to Sidney in April where she will unveil the latest uniform for Qantas which was designed by Martin Grant, a Paris-based Australian fashion great.

Kerr was photographed by the press entering the famous LA’s Sunset Boulevard, Chateau Marmont wearing her fashion statement of a neck brace camouflaged with a brightly designed scarf. She was riding in the car of her assistant.

Miranda Kerr took her car accident adventure in stride and she is a beauty on the mend who wants to go back to work as soon as she recovers.

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