One man shot whilst three others in the custody police ater a high speed car chase on afternoon of Friday.

Initial reports sates that the pursuit had started at Kendall midday that had involved several police departments. Trail of damage is left behind through Northwest Miami-Dade.

The chase had ended when the vehicle crashed into a fence after in made a sharp You-turn at Palmetto Expressway. The driver attempted to escape and left three other suspects on site of the crash. The driver was later on caught and the the other three were arrested.

Shooting was confirmed by reports from witnesses as well as live video from the chase. Blood could be seen on one of the suspect’s shirt after being taken away on a stretcher into the Jackson Memorial Hospital. His condition remains unknown.

A trail of damaged police cruiser was left in the conclusion of the chase. A police cruiser is being looked after by officers at NOW 151st Street and NOW 32nd Avenue wherein it appears that the front bumper was crushed and seemingly bullet holes across it’s hood.

Meanwhile, another cruiser was parked on the side of the road at NOW 152nd Terrace and NOW 27th Place with its front smashed. The officer driving the cruiser is receiving attention why another police where witnesses say that the officer was bleeding from the nose after the crash.

Investigation is still ongoing and no information had yet to be released. A spokesperson from Miami-Dade had said that no police officer sustained serious injuries. Ongoing investigation had caused a buildup of traffic on Palmetto Expressway.

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