For his reckless disregard of human life, the suspect responsible for three deaths in the Las Vegas Strip shooting plus other charges will be liable for a for death penalty, this was the statement from Steve Wolfson, Clark County District Attorney.

The L.A. Police and FBI ended the search for Ammar Harris, age 26 who is facing three charges of murder, one count of attempted murder, shooting a firearm into a vehicle and outside a vehicle. He was found hiding in an apartment complex in North Hollywood. He surrendered peacefully to the arresting officers.

Clark County prosecutors believed that the weight of his crime is so heavy that a charge of murder can go to a higher level of capital murder.

After his arrest last Thursday, D.A. Wolfson said in the news conference his office will go through the regular procedure to determine if Harris deserves the death penalty. The decision to move the penalty to a higher level is left on the shoulders of a Committee of Prosecutors

After he was apprehended, Harris was taken to the Metro of Detention Center at LAPD where he was booked then it will be Metro detectives’ time to interview the suspect.

The 26-year- old Harris was identified by the Metro as the man responsible for firing from a Range Rover to a Maserati sports car in the early-morning hours of Feb. 21. He did the shooting as both vehicles were making its way along the Las Vegas Strip.

The Maserati driver, identified as Kenneth Cherry Jr. and his passenger were hit in the shooting. Due to Cherry’s wounds, he lost control of his car and in Flamingo Road, passed a red light; finally crashed into a taxi.

The force of the collision, started an explosion in the cab. The mishap resulted into the death of three people Cherry who was driving a Maserati; the cab driver who was identified as 62 years old Michael Boldon from Las Vegas; and a cab passenger identified as Sandra Sutton-Wasmund, a 48 years old businesswoman residing in Maple Valley, Washington, DC. The other passenger identified as Freddy Walters sustained major injuries.

He family of Cherry were relieved to hear of Harris’ arrest and the timing was bittersweet since it coincided with the funeral of Cherry. They are hoping that the D.A. would seek a death penalty for Harris. They were confident as the State of Nevada has still the death penalty.

The cause of the tragedy was the argument between Cherry and Harris that started before both men left Aria early in the morning of Feb. 21. Detectives believed that both of them did not know each other before the argument.

After the fatal shooting, Harris fled and was able to elude the authorities but his car was traced to an apartment complex where Harris resided and not far from the scene.

Since Harris was known to reside in other states, the search for him went as far as Maine.

The FBI told the media that Harris was arrested at about noon at the 4th floor flat apartment in Arch Drive where he stayed with friend. This friend was also detained for helping a suspect but he was not filed charges as he was not connected to the crime.

In the year 2010, Harris was also arrested in Las Vegas on charges of coercion, kidnapping, pandering and sexual assault. His is aka Ammar Asim Faruq Harris with the nickname Jai’duh.

According to a networking website for models and photographers, Harris posted his profile fashion photographer searching for models.

On a social media, Harris showed an affluent lifestyle which posted him counting stacks of bills and partying in Miami and elsewhere.

Harris will be appearing at the L.A. courtroom on Monday morning on a fugitive warrant . Next will be an extradition back to Nevada where three counts of murdered awaited him.

According to General Manager of Desert Cab, Sandy Shaver, they are all elated that justice is about to be realized. This is the taxi which Michael Boldon used to drive.

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Source: Las Vegas Sun Com News