PINE LAWN, MO – Pine Lawn Police officers were led to a high speed car chase by a suspected drunk driver indentified as 28-year-old Paul Tripp on Thursday morning.

Tripp led a chase that reached as high as 100 mph speed. The chase ended when Tripp eventually wandered into a field where his car got stuck in the mud. According to the police, he had to be tased two times to subdue him because he was resisting the arrest.

According to Field Commander Steven Blakeney, Tripp has had past DWI arrests—4 to be exact. Tripp had also served two years in prison for abandoning a corpse back in 2010. The victim was Valerie Butler who died of drug overdose.

Coincidentally, the field where Tripp was recently arrested was near the area where he abandoned the body of Butler. The field is located near Missouri Bottom and Aubuchon Roads.

The past incident earned Tripp a two year sentence. Additionally, he was also serving for the violation of his parole from a drug conviction. In sum, he had served a total of a year and 4 months in jail.

Blakeney notes that Tripp was not showing any remorse for the things he had committed,

Tripp faces charges of Driving While Intoxicated and Resisting with Lawful Stop.

A No-Bond Warrant was issued by the Missouri Probation and Parole Board for Paul Tripp.

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 Man on Parole Leads Police On High-Speed Chase