ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A car crash on Goldenrod Road on Sunday killed two people and injured six others.

Florida State Troopers are trying to find out who drove the black Acura that seemed to cause the car accident.

The vehicle was owned by Luis Colon. The Troopers thought that they had the case closed but Luis Colon had appeared to the scene 90 minutes after the accident. He claims he was in the car during the accident and witnessed his friends Alonso Gazo and Luis Vasquez die. He said he tried to help them but both of them were laying down.

Troopers were able to find of holes in his story. For one, he only suffered few scrapes. Colon said he was sitting on the passenger seat but police thinks that it was where the perished victims had been sitting. Bruises on Colon’s wrists are suggestive that he was the driver of the car. Another fact is why Colon left the scene for an hour and a half and returned having changed his bloody clothes. HE said that he was scared and didn’t know what to do.

Colon’s extensive driving history makes it hard for the Trooper’s to believe his story.

Channel Nine had uncovered that the 20 year old suspect had had many violations. Investigators say that with that experience, he should have known not to leave a scene unless he was hiding something.

Colon’s bloodstained shirt was recovered from his home and along with the driver’s side airbag and are now sent to laboratory in order to establish evidence that he was behind the wheels.

Results will take several weeks and until those results are not known, Colon remains charge free.

Six other people were involved in the accident. Four, one adult and three children were in a silver Nissan and was brought to Winter Park Memorial Hospital.

Those four people are one-year-old David Turcios, three-year-old Oscar Chavez, eight-year-old Crystal Herreri and 32-year-old Rosa Turcios, where Rosa was reported in fair condition.

Two others, 14-year-old Olivia Lugo and 37-year-ol Nelly-Torres Lugo, in another car was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center sustaining minor injuries.

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