Early Monday morning was ruined when an SUV was driving berserk into the UPS Store located at the Lenox Marketplace.

People who were up and about early were shock to witness an early accident near the Market Place. Although nobody was seriously injured hurt in the crash but the fright was enough to ruin a beautiful day. According to Atlanta police, they delivered the woman driving the SUV to a local hospital to be examined.

Security of the store said that they saw the SUV standing in a parking garage that was just in front of the UPS Store. As it was going out of the parking lot, it stopped for a few seconds in front of the store then for unknown reason it crashed right through the store wall.

Security was confident that everything was going well as he saw the car park inside the parking lot across the street. After the car went out of the lot, it halted in front of the store and suddenly crashed right through its wall.

UPS store owner, identified as John Anderson said that the store suffered some kind of damage. Some glass framework was destroyed, glasses are broken, and cabinets, carpet and products are damaged. But Anderson who was a good businessman said it was not really that serious.

He continued that they will try to make the best of what remained. He is confident that his great customers will understand the situation. And the good news was that nobody was hurt. Everything is in good shape, except some parts of the store. At least, things can be replaced but not people.

Anderson said this location has the highest sales volume of his seven UPS stores.

He said that after the accident they will try to stay open or even operate like an open air market as damage has to be repaired. At least, it will be a different kind of operation today.

Atlanta police and fire officials did not offer more  details as they are still trying to find out how the crash occurred or what kind of charges the driver will face.

There are seven UPS Store located in Atlanta, Georgia and all the addresses of their stores are found in the Directory and the websites. They can be contact by phone. The UPS Store is a specialist in Air Freight, Light Freight and Cargo & Freight. The UPS Store provides Package Insurance, Preparation & Assembly and Scanning to its customers.

According to John Anderson, the Manager, the UPS Store has an annual sales volume of 0 – 500K. For more information about their services, you can contact the manager. Mr. John Anderson is very active member go the Chamber of Commerce of the City.

The UPS Store provides Package Insurance, Preparation & Assembly and Scanning to its customers.

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