Many parts of Florida have seen tough times in recent years, but Tampa will continue to grow because it serves as a county seat and the largest metro area in the western part of the state. Tampa is actually a huge city geographically, with a metro area population of more than 4 million people, second only to Miami in the Sunshine State.

No matter how rocky the housing market gets in Florida, people will continue to move south to escape frigid winters up north and to take advantage of living in a state with no personal income tax. As you drive around the Tampa Bay area, you can’t help but be struck by the beauty of the water all around and the abundance of recreational opportunities. The city has grown at a nearly 15% clip for a decade and will soon reach 4.5 million people in the metro area, which also encompasses St. Petersburg and lovely Sarasota.

All of these added people have vehicles in the families and add strain to the road system, much of which is built over water. Whether you are on I-275 going across Tampa Bay or on the Selmon Expressway looping just south of downtown, driving can be a challenge as you battle heavy traffic and impatient drivers. I-4 feeding into Tampa from the east brings everyone across the state into this Hillsborough County seat, and Route 60 forms another expressway south of city center.

In the downtown area, Twiggs Street and Kennedy Boulevard bracket many of the most-visited places, such as county courthouse and health department. All of the downtown roads are susceptible to traffic jams and people running red lights or risking a quick right turn on red with a minimal stop.

Road construction is a constant in Tampa, and these types of zones and broken-up roads are a leading cause of accidents. Speeding is another accident catalyst, and you can find yourself in a pack going too fast as motorists break out of gridlock and celebrate their freedom by trying to lead the charge home.

If you are living in Tampa or visiting west Florida and are involved in a vehicle accident, be sure to engage legal representation, even if you don’t think that you need it. You might see your case as simple, but it can turn quickly if the driver at fault changes his/her mind and tries to lessen the damage of his/her carelessness. Before you know it, you might be in court and hear that you are responsible for at least half of the fault in the accident! At that moment, you will be glad that you hired a solid Tampa traffic accident lawyer.

A small investment in a Tampa car accident attorney can yield an important payoff as you get the compensation that you will need to pay medical bills and other expenses. In many instances, the painful after-effects of a traffic accident do not show up until several days later. If your spine is out of alignment or you have a disc out of place in your back, the pain will be excruciating, as will the medical bills that follow.

You will want a competent Tampa car accident lawyer by your side to fight for the money you will need to pay rehab and surgery bills for months, and possibly years, to come. That’s why it’s wise to contact an attorney for a free consultation. As you look around for a winning team of lawyers, try hard to find one that argues for the average driver, not the huge insurance companies. Better yet, find one that has actually secured large compensation packages for its clients.

What you don’t want to have happen is to give in to an insurance company representative who wants to talk you into accepting compensation that is far smaller than you deserve. Insurance companies usually have the goal to settle as quickly and as cheaply as possible, no matter how pleasant the voice is on the other end of the phone. Don’t give in to that temptation; fight in court with a recommended Tampa car accident attorney by your side.

Don’t end up with stacks of bills and few resources to pay for them. Contact a Tampa car accident lawyer and build your case. You will need to bring a copy of all of your expenses, correspondence and evidence from the accident scene. Then, you can work together to establish what truly occurred on the day of the accident. Let a  Tampa personal injury lawyer help you to keep your accident from becoming a bigger hassle than it already has become.