The driver of a pickup truck who hit eight students outside Hemet High School will not be filed any charges.

The accident happened last 30th of May. It occurred just after school when a dozen students were about to cross Stetson Avenue from their main campus to the student parking lot. A vehicle was trying to beat a red light and smashed through a crossroad in the frontage of Hemet High School.  There were many students on their way home after the class. At least nine people were injured and taken to hospitals, Three persons were pronounced in critical condition, after they were hit by the rampaging truck running a red light.

According to CHP, the operator of the vehicle was18-year-old and in Grade 11 at Hemet High, identified as Daniel Carrillo.  He had been traveling west towards Stetson Avenue at a speed that was more than the allowable 25-mph limit for school zone and also disregarded the red light as reported by Darren Meyer of the CHP Office.

Of the nine injured, eight were students and there was one 60-yar-old adult.

Three of the students were run over by the truck and declared in critical condition as they sustained head injuries, Meyer told the press.

One of the parents, Rick Chavez who witnessed the accident said that the driver of the truck was running through a red light and smashed right into the students. He was sick and shocked by the incident.

The 18-year-old driver, Daniel Carrillo, had just been given his license 15 days. Carrillo stopped at once after the crash and assisted the victims. He told the CHP that he was not able to slow down and stop for the red light as his brakes malfunction. He lost control of his vehicle.

During the investigation, authorities found out that Carrillo was telling the truth as the brakes on the pickup did, in fact, malfunction.  None of the victims died; at least there was one suffering from serious brain damage.  All charges against Carrillo were dropped.

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