One of the most horrible crashes that happened on Memorial Day was the death of five teenagers. According to DMV records, the operator of the car was a  high school student, age 17, and who was not yet in possession of a valid driver’s license,

The result of the wreck was five dead teenagers, who were all Irvine high school students. Among the fatalities were two sisters.

For the police, the contributing factor to the crash was speed; although they were not able to ascertain how much was the speed of the Infiniti was running. But the Mayor said that witnesses told him that the car has been speeding at 100 MPH or even faster.

Records showed that the operator of the car, identified as Abdurrahman M. Alyahyan, received a citation last April for not following his provisional license.

The high school junior was halted by police officer just a few blocks from his residence in Irvine. He received citation for making a prohibited change to the to the exhaust system of his gray car which was a 2008 Infiniti and installing tinted windows that blocked the driver’s view.

The single- vehicle crash happened at the stretch of Jamboree Road that was going downhill and it prominently posted speed vehicle d limit up to 55 MPH. The area was just a few kilometers away from a deadly crash between a Ferrari and Porsche which were traveling at 100 mph.

City officials of Newport Beach said that they cannot change the speed limits as they are set up in accordance with state law. Police said they are not planning to place more restrictions due the accident.

A recent city surveys revealed that drivers on the six-lane road generally stay within the speed limit.

Newport Beach Public Works Director Dave Webb added that the well-maintained and straight road could be an attraction for lead-footed drivers. The pavement is good and streets are in fine condition; with these two conditions present, drivers just love to speed up.

On Wednesday, Irvine students returned to campus for the first time since the crash, but many of them were still absorbed on the tragic events.

Tara Jaff, a friend and classmate, said it was horrible, like a nightmare that you could not wake up.

Aside from the driver, Abdulrahman, the accident also killed two sisters. Robin’s claimed sisters were Robin A. Cabrera, age 17, & a12th-grader, and Aurora Cabrera, age 16, & a 10th-grader; and Nozad Al Hamawendi, age 17 & 11th-grader and Cecilia D. Zamora, age 17 & also 11th grader. Except for the driver, they were all attending Irvine High.

According to their friends, they were going to the beach to Memorial Day and there was a sixth student was to have joined them, but chose not to go at the last minute.

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Source: LA Times Com