He could not have died if he was careful; however a 16-year-old boy was killed after sticking his head out of a party bus as the bus hit an overpass just after crossing the George Washington Bridge Friday, authorities reported.

It was a typical scene in the city street like in the movies: teens were dressed-up &  packed into a stretch limo and celebrating an event. They even stick their heads out through the roof.

Emily Darocha of the Silver Star Limousine company said that they have a bigger version of a rented party bus, which can carry more guests. Such buses are some two stories high, offering such amenities as strobe lights and satellite TV. For kids this is lots of fun.

But such trips also carry more risk. This weekend, a New York teenager poked his head through a hatch which opened on a double-decker bus loaded with dozens of dancing teens on their way to a party. Daniel Fernandez, 16, was fatally struck when the bus went under an overpass.

Safety precautions must is part of the package: for every group  of 40 guests, Silver Star requires two adults be aboard  specially if the group is made up of teens or children 18 or under.

Darocha said that a crowd of teen-agers in hard to control.

In addition to the driver, a security guard was on board the bus Fernandez was riding that Friday. The security guard said he was watching the teenagers he went downstairs. When he was gone, they opened the hatch as the bus was crossing the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey.

Even in limos, especially during prom season, they open the sunroof after you tell them not to do, they just don’t listen, said the Security Guard.

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Link – http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Teens-Party-Bus-Death-in-NJ-Warning-Sign-168335236.html