A thorough investigation was now under way as a result a 36 year old Temecula woman that was killed when the vehicle (which is a pickup) that she was driving met an accident as it veers off the Interstate 15 during ah heavy and intense rain fall.  The pickup rolled and went over the steel barrier and dropped 200 Feet down the steep embankment.  The authorities said that they will be starting the investigation right away to determine the cause of the car accident.

The accident happened on the northbound side of the Interstate 15 near the Gopher Canyon before five o’clock in the morning on Sunday.  There was an intense rain fall during that time and they think that this might be one of the factors why this accident happened.  They are also checking the fact that the pickup that the passenger is using, is travelling fast than the normal speed that a driver should take when there is a bad weather condition.  Along with the heavy rains, this could also cause the tragic accident to happen.

The Temecula woman is seating on the rear seat of the vehicle.  The pickup’s manufacturer and brand is a 2007 Nissan Frontier that has an extended cab, CHP Officer J. Bettencourt said in his statement about the car accident.  The woman was ejected from the vehicle when the accident occurred, and died instantly.

The Nissan Frontier’s driver is a 62 year old Temecula man and there is also a 61 year old Temecula woman in the front passenger seat.  Both suffered fatal injuries and was taken to Palomar Medical Center by an ambulance that responded to the scene.

As per the preliminary investigation, the Nissan Frontier was travelling at the speed of 70 mph in intense and heavy rains.  The driver lost control of the pickup, and then the vehicle skids and fell into the cliff that has a depth of 200 to 300 feet, J. Bettencourt of CHP said.  He also added that the vehicle rolled many times but it actually landed on its wheels.  They are not yet ruling out the possibility of the pickup driver driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

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Source: The Village News