TORONTO – Terrible weather condition lead to a string of vehicular accidents across southern Ontario on Thursday and one of those includes a multi-vehicular pileup that killed two people in Sarnia area.

The multi-vehicular pile up which happened at about 10:15 in the morning of Thursday involved a total of 25-30 vehicles—including a police cruiser—and two deaths at Highway 402 and the province’s police watchdog is looking into it.

The two victims who died from the injuries they sustained were from different vehicles, according to Special Investigation Unit.

The police cruiser involved in the pile-up was responding to a scene of a previous crash on Highway 402.

The highway was closed to both direction and is expected to persist until evening.
The SIU is tasked to investigate police related incidents that involve death, serious injury, or an allegation of sexual assault, said spokeswoman for the agency Monica Hudon.
Poor visibility due to blowing storms with wind speed of 60 km an hour was previously warned by Environment Canada.

Several other areas including Chatham area and Hamilton also had a number of crash incidents due to poor weather conditions brought about by snow squalls.

Education with regards to proper winter driving will be conducted by provincial officers to reduce fatalities and will target aggressive, distracted and impaired drivers.

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