Texting is never a crime until it leads to a major traffic accident. Texting has been related to a number of accidents simply because it takes up all of our attention. Texting requires one to concentrate on what they are doing especially when they are typing it is an offence and can lead you to pay  fines if you are caught in the process.

The time its takes to recover your senses during a text is about 4.6 seconds which is more than enough to crash or cause an accident.

Texting while driving accidents are now more common that accidents that occur due to talking on the phone. This is simply because texting has become the norm of the day ever since it has become so popular.

When involved in such accidents, it is important that you get to report it to the police and then contact a lawyer. Taking pictures can help you straighten out and support your arguments.

The motto of the story is think before you text (at least when driving).

If you were injured in a car accident, contact experienced  car accident lawyers who will protect the rights of you and your loved ones. You may be entitled to financial compensation for both economic damages as well as pain and suffering.