May 31, 2013

A horrific wreck ended the dreams of an aspiring mechanic. The tragic hero was the minivan operator who was one of the seven people who died as a result of an out- of-controlled truck-trailer that crashed right into his vehicle in NYC Ventra. The driver was on his way home accompanied his girlfriend, children and friends who were very dear to him.

On that ominous Wednesday night, the victim identified as Carino Vanorden, age 24, was behind the wheel when a bundle of crushed cars hauled by a trailer got broken from the big rig that was pulling it. It rolled off and ran across a rural, two-lane road and struck into the minivan, this was the story of his step-mom, Kate Vanorden resident of Fayetteville. She continued that there was no more time for her son to evade the oncoming crushed cars.

Vanorden said Carino was engaged to 21-year-old Lena Beckwith, 21, who was also one of the fatalities when the minivan was wrecked along the rural side of Cortland County at the south of Syracuse. The engaged couple, both residents of DeRuyter were still planning a date for their marriage.

Investigators were working to determine the cause of the crash and concluded that it was due to mechanical failure. One part of the securely lock that was coupling the tractor and trailer was broken; however, they have not yet determined why.

The other fatalities were: a 26-year-old mother Teresa Bush and her two daughters, Alexis & Jasmine, ages 4 & 5; and Alyssa &Tyler Mead with age 7 & 4.

Kate Vanorden recalled that the kids just love going out with him.

Shawn Mead, identified as father of Alyssa and Tyler, sustained minor injuries and delivered to Syracuse University Hospital Upstate but was out of the hospital by Friday.

Although most crashes are due to errors committed by the rig drivers; but even in cases of mechanical failures, it is seldom that trailers runaway.

Ralph Craft who is a crash data analyst connected with the federal agency said that happening like this is very rare but it does happen.

Even Ted Scott, director of the American Trucking Association said that the automatic locking device setup has proved safe and requires a manual release.

The owner/operator of the truck-trailer was the Newton Salvage of Georgetown.

Kate Vanorden said her son was handling two part-time jobs and was planning to study auto-mechanics at the Onondaga County Community College.  to study auto mechanics. She said that Carino was one of her six adopted children who loved cars since he was a child. She said her son had been living with Teresa, her parents and her extended family.

The Center for Semi Truck Accident Victims is now urging family members of innocent victims to call on them for assistance.

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