One witness named Yoarsy Diaz narrated that he heard a thump and then followed by a vehicle chase. This was followed by the death of a 13-year- old juvenile.

A hit and run mishap, last Saturday morning, claimed the life of a young lad and injured his father as the two were negotiating to cross Miami-Dade Southwest St. Witness said that after he heard the sound, he saw a car speeding which he knew was the vehicle involved in the accident.

The boy of thirteen was the fatality in the crash which also injured his father.  The incident occurred at the Miami-Dade Southwest St.

Authorities identified the victim as 13-year-old, Bernard Green, resident of Homestead who was pronounced dead on the site. Miami-Dade Police also identified the father as Curtis Geddis, 51-years-old who was injured in the crash.

Witness Yoarsy Diaz said that the car hit the boy but didn’t even stop to assist the casualty. The father and his son were about to cross at the intersection of Old Dixie Highway and 264th st., when a white Hyundai 2001-2006 Elantra crashed on them. The father was injured by the side view mirror but Green who was walking behind was directly hit by the frontal part of the car.

According to Geddis, the car struck his buttocks and when he looked behind; his son was gone and knocked across the street. After the car hit the boy, he continued to speed away from the scene.

It was easy to identify the erring vehicle as its front end and wind shield sustained heavy damage and the side-view mirror was gone. Police said that there was another green car running beside the Elantra who witnessed the incident but it also fled.

The authorities are analyzing the surveillance footage of the place.

The father is hoping that the man would be caught and punished so he could no longer do harm to other sons and daughters.

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