Sunday evenings were a ritual for Michael and Guy Bastardi. Weekly, they head to their home in Yonkers for a family pasta dinner.

A fatal car crash that happened yesterday took away the lives of Michael Bastardi, 81-years old, and Guy Bastardi, 49-years old, along with a friend. The tragic accident happened on Taconic Parkway.

The elder Bastardi was considered as the rock and center of the family, said relative Jeanne Bastardi. She added that the tragedy was surreal to the entire family.

Family friend who also perished in the accident, Daniel Longo, had joined them for supper at a relative’s place at Yorktown Heights, Westchester Country.

Michael Bastardi, a Korean War veteran, had once owned an auto body shop in Bronx.

He was planning originally to hold a mass in honor for his wife, whom he lost two years ago, tomorrow.

His grandson,  30 year old Joe Nicotina, said that his grandfather was a wealth of knowledge and that they did not feel as grandkids but like a son.

Guy Bastardi owns an auto shop at Yonkers and had previously worked as a chef.

Shock, grief and disbelief had filled the family members as they gathered altogether in Yonkers.

Relative Jeanne Bastardi had said that everyone is in shock and that the tragedy was all too much at once and it would take some time for them to move on.

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