ORLANDO, Fla. — Three teenage local girls were killed, one teen in coma and one man sent to the hospital after a tragic car crash on Wednesday. Family members of the three victims questioned why the 18-year old driver was speeding at John Young Parkway.

The news about the crash spread rapidly over social media sites such as MySpace and families and Friends of the victims left memorabilia’s at the site of the tragic accident.

The license of the driver of the car had been at one point revoked by authorities and his friends had said that the driver liked to drag race.

The three teenage Orlando victims were identified to be Ashley Sprayberry, 17, Crystal Dickerson, 18, and Jessica Hattin, 15, whose life ended too soon. Family and friends left flowers at the site of the crash.

Kassie Beaulac, friend of the victims, said that the girls were good people and just love to have fun but never bad partying.

The driver of a red car, 18-year old Michael Spain, was going fast, lost control and crashed head-on to another vehicle, according to the troopers. Spain sustained a broken neck and was brought to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he was in coma.

Jeremy Porbus, one of the victim’s cousin, said that he was upset with the driver because he had seen him around town speeding with her cousin and he just never thought it would end up that way.

Witnesses say that they had seen Spain drag racing just minutes before the crash. His license had been revoked once because of school attendance but had been reinstated in March.

Friends of Spain still defended him.

Beaulac said that Michael was a good driver and does not drink at all.

Blood alcohol level of Spain is being tested by the troopers. Charges for reckless driving are still pending.

The driver of the vehicle that Spain had crashed was also brought to the hospital for treatment. The driver, Christopher Lewis from Kissimmee was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, says troopers.

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