FORT LAUDERDALE, Fl., — On Thursday, three Fort Lauderdale police officers surrendered themselves at the County Jail for being accused of lying about the car chase.

Criminal charges are filed against the three officers, 43-year-old Sgt. Michael Florenco and detectives Matthew Moceri, 29, and Geoffrey Shaffer, 32. The three are alleged to be concocting a story about what happened in the incident and gave a sworn statement in an attempt to cover their misconducts.

The incident started from a call made about a man stealing bottles of beer from Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina hotel on Southeast 17th Street.

Marked and undercover police vehicles pursued all the way from the hotel to the 1200 block of North Rio Vista Boulevard, where the suspected burglar’s vehicle crashed.
The three officers filed police reports that 49-year-old Kenneth Post tried to run down two of them, slammed the side of the undercover and intentionally slamming head-on. However, the three violated the Department’s policy that states unmarked vehicles “SHALL NOT engage in the pursuit of fleeing vehicles except when it is necessary to apprehend an individual who has caused serious bodily harm or death to any person.”

No bodily harm or death was discovered upon investigation of the case.

Furthermore, the reports about the crash and damage they filed contradicted and did not align to the investigations done, instead, supported Post’s claims.

Post said that the undercover police cars rammed his car from behind which resulted in his crash. His claims were supported by the results of the investigation whilst the officer’s claims were not credible upon finding out that their undercover vehicle only suffered substantial damages.

Post added that he was hit by the police officers “unnecessarily” as he tried to surrender in the crash. The officers counters that Post gave a fight.

Post was initially charged by the arresting officers with attempted murder, but prosecutors filed 11 lesser felonies against him. Criminal charges that accused Post of fleeing and assaulting officers were dropped but he is still in jail and faces charges related to burglary and allegations of attempting to drive down a hotel security guard but missed.

The three officers were charged with four counts each of official misconduct and falsifying records. Florenco and Moceri are also charged with count of perjury, and one count of conspiring to commit official misconduct whilst Shaffer with one count of conspiring to commit official misconduct.

All three were booked to jail at around noon but was later on released on a bond before 8 in the evening.

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