A couple from Dover and their son perished in a car crash in New York State on Saturday after a head-on collision with a Sport Utility Vehicle that crossed into an oncoming traffic.
The victims were pronounced dead on site and were identified to be Patrick D. Krolak, 72 years old, his wife Rita Krolak, 70 years old, and their son, Patrick M. Krolak, 42 years old, as reported by New York State Police.
Son Patrick M. Krolak, a resident of Chicago, was driving the vehicle when the accident took place. His father had been a professor at the University of Massachusetts for long time.
The SUV that was involved in the crash overturned after the crash and ignited to flames, luckily, one driver stopped over the wreckage and pulled the driver, Peter Patrenicola, out to safety.
SUV driver Patrenicola, aged 62, was brought a hospital in Burlington, Vt. and is reported to be in a serious condition.
Patrenicola was heading north on Route 40 in Duane, N.Y., at about 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday when his vehicle, the SUV, went over the southbound lane, according to State Police. The vehicle Krolak was driving flipped from the force of the crash and rested on top of Patrenicola’s SUV, said the State Police.
Authorities are yet to identify the cause of the accident. Duane is located in Adirondacks in northern New York and is generally a small town.
A long time colleague of Patrick Krolak at University of Massachusetts had expressed that Krolak’s death was a great loss.

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