A law enforcement official said that a trio of Rancho Cucamonga teens was injured in an accident while walking on the campus of their school. Wednesday was an unlucky day as these three students were injured by a driver, under the influence, ceasing control of his vehicle and struck three high school girls who were walking on the campus’ sidewalk.

Authorities identified that DUI driver as 29 years old, Cory Holker, who was unable to manage his Toyota Camry as he was passing a slow-moving vehicle at the vicinity of Alta Loma High School. His car leaped a curb and hit a tree. The tail of his Toyota then turned around, striking the three teenagers, according to a report given by the County Sheriff-Coroner in San Bernardino Department.

Traffic official said that all three of the 16-year old girls suffered injuries — one girl broke a leg. They were immediately rushed to the local hospitals. The good news is that the teeners are on their way to recovery as their injuries were non-like threatening.

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