Even celebrities have no qualms in being hit-and-run. Probably they are doing it for more publicity. Three of the most famous are:

Star No. 1: Country’s legend, Emmylou Harris is considered a suspect in a recent hit-and-run incident. LAPD stated that Harris is primary suspect of a car crash that occurred last October in L.A. at around 10:00 o’clock in the evening.

Based on the report, Harris was allegedly driving a rental car was traveling on Freeway 405when she crashed into a vehicle and immediately fled the scene. The driver of the other car filed a report with the police which was investigated by the County D.A. No report was given if Harris will be spending a day in court.

It was Harris agent who admitted that Harris got into a minor mishap which was not done intentionally. The agent accepted that hit-and-run action is against the law but Harris saw that no injury or damage was done; so she just sped off.

Her lawyer considered the case as a simple every day event which the Grammy winner’s insurance will take care of.

Star No. 2 – Amanda Bynes finally made a satisfactory settlement with two alleged hit-and-run victim for the months of April and August. Her agent announced the settlement but it appeared that some parties were not satisfied with the closure of the case.

Bynes attorney said that the complainants were fully contented with the compensation aspect and the star was also grateful that the case was settled for good.

However, the city attorney’s office was not satisfied with the deal as they are insisting that Bynes must face the charges for driving without license and DUI.

Based on California law, people involved can eliminate criminal charges if the judge approves the settlement. Bynes will be lucky if the judge decides to formally dismiss the case, but if not; and she is found guilty Bynes might be sentence for six months in jail for each case.

Star No. 3 – The beautiful Lindsay Lohan is also a hit-and-run celebrity in her own right as she has been accused of a serious road offense known as hit-and- run.

A complaint was filed that the actress’s vehicle hit the complainant outside an L.A. nightclub and was left behind while sustaining injuries. The damage was minor, but the man was treated in the emergency room and he is now using this as a proof of pressing legal charges against the actress.

The illegal escapades of Lohan have become a wonderful treat in the tabloids as she has been involved in car accidents a number of times. This is not the first time that she will be facing charges, including DUI and minor injuries. With her money and top lawyers, she was able to find an easy way out.

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