FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Three men were arrested by the police after a country crossing, high-speed pursuit that ended in a crash.
The chase ended on 11:40 in the morning of Tuesday after the driver of a black Mercedes crashed as it exited Broward Boulevard from interstate 95 where the car came to rest at the center of exit I-95. Fortunately, no one sustained severe injuries.

As the car came to a stop, the two people inside the car attempted to flee. The suspects were able to give a short course on-foot chase across the street; luckily, the police were able to apprehend them. One other person lay on the ground beside the vehicle and the police had taken into him custody.

One of the alleged suspects that was caught was a 17-year-old male teen. Tracy Westbrook, the teen’s mother, went to the scene after seeing the chase on the news.

She insisted that his son could have not been involve in the reported burglary in Kendall and Pinecrest since his son, George, was crippled and can barely walk. She claims that her son was picked-up by the other two involved.

A laptop and jewelry were recovered inside the vehicle by the police. Two women received medical treatments after their car was rear-ended when the chase came to an end.

The high-speed pursuit reached the speed of more than 100 mph. Even as the right front tire blew out during the chase, as it crossed the Miami Gardens Boulevard.

The pursuit started when Miami-Dade Police was investigating a burglary in Miami Lakes. The police spotted the vehicle but the vehicle did not stop as the police tried to pull them over.
The exit of Broward Boulevard was reduced to one lane as investigation is still ensuing.

On Wednesday, the three suspects are expected for a court appearance.

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