LANCASTER – Police are investigating the scene of a fatal three-vehicle mishap that left one dead.

A three-vehicle crash Monday morning at the Manheim Township Route 30 claimed the life of at least one man, based on the report of officials.

The accident happened before 7 o’clock in the morning along the west lanes within the vicinity of Route 23 interchange. According to the Manheim Township police, there was one vehicle that overturned.
The identity of the victim was not released Monday, pending communication with his relatives. Chief County Coroner Dr. Stephen Diamantoni said that Deputy Coroner Kristin Rutt pronounced the victim dead at the scene of the incident.

The fatality was one of the passengers in the wrecked vehicles.
All the vehicles in the Westbound traffic was made to detour for about five hours to keep out of the site as they have to use Route 23 exit and on ramps.

Police are making their investigation and have asked persons who witnessed the accident to come and provide them more details of the crash.

According to newspaper and county records, the fatality was the 28th victim killed in a traffic accident in the Lancaster County this year.

After his relatives were informed, the Coroner of Lancaster County already released the identity of the fatality that died in a crash involving three vehicles at the Manheim Township’s Route 30 last Monday morning.

Last Tuesday, Dr. Stephen Diamantoni from the Coroner’s Office gave out the name of the victim as 78 years old Luke Newswanger a resident of Lancaster.

Newswanger died at the scene of the accident. His death was caused by multiple traumatic injuries, and the police ruled his death was accidental. This information was given out by Diamantoni after the result of the autopsy was out.

Newswanger was one of the passengers of the vehicles which collide at Manheim Township. Police said he was inside the vehicle that overturned.

Police are looking for more details causing the accident and have requested witnesses to come forward.

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