A truck driver from Mary land was killed on Friday night after the tractor trailer he was driving crashed and was swallowed in flames, according to Maryland State Police.

Mayor Wayne Tome sated on Monday that he would soon be meeting up with Cecil County Sheriff’s Office to better impose the restriction on trucks over five tons from entering the town.

Tome added that plenty of drivers disregard this law in order to avoid the toll on I-95 by cutting through Port Deposit.

The crash is also being investigated by the Transportation officials. The truck company Coraluzzo Trucking Company of Vineland, N.J., which the truck was under, had very few comments regarding the incident.

The driver of the truck was identified to be 35-year-old Brandon Logan from Windsor Mill and he had been making a delivery to a gas station in the area of Conowingo, according to company benefit’s administrator Frank Peretti.

History with the company or background of the victim could not be shared by Peretti.

He said that the accident was definitely an isolated one, as the company had been running since 1940s.

He added that accident like this may had happened before but it is not something that happens very often.

Fire companies from counties of Harford and Cecil responded to the accident area at about 9 in the evening at the intersection of Main Street and Route 222.

It seemed that as the truck was entering the curve, the driver lost control and veered off towards the river where it flipped over before it caught fire and exploded, according to state police.

A witness that was driving down the Hill of Route 222 that immediately after the crash, several loud booms that appeared to be explosions could be heard and then saw a ball of fire shoot into the air.

The driver was declared dead on the scene, according to Sgt. Joseph Comer, a night duty officer at the Maryland State Police North East Barrack.

No other person was harmed in the car crash.

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