HAMPSTEAD, Ont. – A tragic vehicular collision between a van and a flatbed truck in rural southwest Ontario claimed the lives of eleven people.

The carnage on Monday night left a litter of debris of the crash scene wherein bodies were laid under several green and blue tarps in front of the wrecked van.

On Monday night, a white large van travelling westbound was presumed to be loaded with migrant workers it was T-boned by a flatbed truck. Ten of the van’s passengers died on scene and the driver of the truck was also killed.

One passenger that survived was flown to a hospital in Hamilton sustaining life-threatening injuries whilst two others received medical attention in nearby Stratford, Ont. for the serious injuries they sustained.

The tragic accident happened at 4:45 in the afternoon ET at the corner of Perth Road 107 and Line 47. The police added that the weather condition was good at the time of the accident.

The CEO of Speedy Transport confirmed that it was one of their truck drivers that was killed in the crash but didn’t release the driver’s identity.

Provincial police said that the van was not able to stop at a stop sign and the oncoming truck tried to swerve away but failed to do so.

OPP Sgt. David Rektor said that investigators believe that driver error was behind the accident since the migrant workers were loaded in a van equipped to carry 15 passengers safely.

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