FELTONVILLE – This was another unwelcome advisory to people on the road. Commuters of the Philadelphia’s Feltonville section were given advanced warning that a tractor-trailer accident might cause delays for morning traffic.  An accident occurred on the road at 4:00 early morning of Tuesday at the corner of Ramona Avenue and E Wyoming Avenue.

Police reported that a truck pulling a trailer was the source of the mishap. As the truck was negotiating a turn, the trailer separated from the truck. It seemed that a portion of the trailer was detached and remained behind as it rested against a tree. The incident also brought down some of the wires around the area. It happened around 4:00 a.m.at the corner of Wyoming Avenue and Ramona Avenue a trailer became disconnected from its main body and rolled over the trees. Emergency team were on the scene of the tractor trailer mishap in the Feltonville section of the city as some wires were cut. Crew immediately responded to the scene in clearing the debris. There were no report of people injured and other vehicles damaged. The good news was that no one was injured in the crash, according to officials. The bad news was that the accident, however, will delay the SEPTA 75 Route bus on the way to Wyoming. The bus will have to make a detour from Ramona Avenue to Orthodox eastbound  to Adams t and finally to Wyoming on the west.

All SEPTA 75 Route bus on the way to Wyoming was advised to make a detour due to the accident.

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