An UPS tractor-trailer collided with a CSX freight train in downtown Newark which resulted to the critical injury of the driver.

The mishap occurred around 2 o’clock in the afternoon p.m. in the place where the tracks cross Del. 896 (New London Road) and West Main Street, just behind the Deer Park Tavern.

Lt. Mark Farrall reported that from the preliminary investigation, they learned that the driver was identified as Joseph C. Mounts, 42, resident of Felton. Mounts had just finished a delivery at the Deer Park Tavern on West Main Street east of the railroad crossing. As he was in the railroad crossing, the train signal activated for an approaching CSX freight train and the crossing arm lowered hitting the trailer.

The tractor was parked near the crossing when the arm came down, and the driver pulled his truck moving forward right towards the railroad tracks right into the path of the train. The tractor-trailer was crashed by the oncoming freight train on the passenger side of the cab, with the driver trapped inside.

New Castle County Assistant Paramedic Chief Richard D. Krett said the victim was trapped in the wreckage for about 20 minutes before being extricated by the firefighters from Aetna Hose Hook and Ladder Company of Newark.

Fire company spokesman John Farrell IV said that firefighters were called to the scene at 2:01 p.m., arriving at 2:04 p.m. They had to use hydraulic tools to free the tractor-trailer driver.

Farrell said that there were 15 firefighters working to make it a quick extrication. The area was cleared as about 2:45 p.m.

According to Krett, paramedics treated the man on head injuries in the scene and rushed him to Christiana Hospital in critical condition. Meeting the ambulance along the way, the injured person was transferred to their care.

There was a traffic jam on several streets along the area due to the train blocking crossings at North College Avenue and other crossings.

But after 5:30 p.m., the roadway and railroad crossing was reopened.

Farrall said that CSX personnel would be coming to the area to make repairs on the damaged gate crossing, and motorists should be careful while driving through the area.

The crash remains under investigation.

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