FORT LAUDERDALE – CBS4 News was able to procure the emergency calls made before and after a train crashed into a vehicle that was stuck in the rail tracks at Commercial Boulevard near Fort Lauderdale on the night of Sunday.

The occupants in the car were able to successfully exit the vehicle before the Tri-Rail Train slammed into their vehicle but after the crash, the vehicle went down into flames.

One call tells how a witness reports that a car was stuck on the tracks and the occupants were able to get out and the train is approaching the vehicle. The collision could be heard in the background of the call. The caller added that the car was swallowed in flames and debris are all over the place.

The train was traveling 89 miles an hour. In sum, 11 people inside the train were injured and taken to different area hospitals where they had been long since discharged.

The driver if the vehicle that got stock was a Chinese exchange student who was looking to find the entry to I-95 but was unluckily stuck in the tracks. His two passengers attempted to push the vehicle away from the track but failed to do so.

Citations were given to the driver by the BSO.

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