A three-vehicle wreck occurred near the intersection of Cypress and Hartnell avenues which transported one person to the local hospital this afternoon.

Police reported that one teen was delivered to the hospital after a collision which left her trapped inside her grandmother’s 2003 Acura on Friday afternoon.

Shay Loraine Haverty, 44, of Redding was driving a 2009 gray BMW X5, when the vehicle crashed into an Acura operated by Sandra Sheperd Osborn, 63, resident of Essex, Mass., on Hartnell Avenue just south of Cypress Avenue at 3 o’clock afternoon of Friday.

Boun Kongkeoviman, an officer with the  Redding Police Department, said that the wreck left Osborn’s granddaughter, Alexis Osborn, 14, trapped inside the Acura. Emergency team had to use a hydraulic prying tool to extricate her inside the vehicle.

The officer said that Osborn was turning her Acura left into a parking lot after another driver waved her in. Alexis Osborn suffered non-life threatening injuries on her head, hip and legs and was transported for treatment to Mercy Medical Center in Redding. A third vehicle that was hit in the driveway received only minor damage, Kongkeoviman said.

Alexis Osborn was pulled from a black Acura this afternoon after a crash happened on Hartnell Avenue near Cypress Avenue which pinned her inside the car. She was immediately transported to a local hospital after a three-vehicle wreck near the intersection of Cypress and Hartnell avenues.

It was the Redding police officer Boun Kongkeoviman who reported that the collision happened at 3 p.m. on Hartnell near the Cypress Avenue Bridge. And that a 14-year-old girl was pulled from a black Acura as the wreck pinned her in the vehicle.

Richelle Martindale, 40, one of the drivers involved, said that the Acura was turning when it was hit by an SUV. Martindale, who was riding a red Hyundai, the third vehicle involved the wreck, said her car was hit after the initial collision.

At least one northbound lane of Hartnell was blocked due to the wreck for about an hour.

Alexis was riding on the passenger seat and was trapped inside the Acura when the car driven by her grandmother was broadsided by the SUV. On the way to Mercy Medical Center in Redding, she complained to the medics of hip and leg pain.

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