Carroll County Court today scheduled two trials: one defendant was facing a vehicular homicide case and the other for the possession of a prohibited drug.

Twelve citizens composed the jury with one alternate. They were chosen Monday morning to hear the case of Bobby Lee Newman, 28 years old and residing in Temple who is facing a charge of homicide by vehicle. Presiding Judge is John Simpson.

The lawyer of the defense and the prosecution presented several motions where Judge Simpson ruled favorable to the defendant. It also affected the evidence which allowed Newman to answer a question and then make his pleading.

Defense lawyer considered the question as unfair and improper and continued to argue on the fairness of the question.

The jury was meticulously selected: one man was eliminated from the 36-potential jurors as he was the defendant’s father. Two others were excused as one was an employee in the office of Georgia State Patrol and the other was a former friend of the vehicular victim.

Franka Young from the information office of the Department of Public Safety recounted the fatal crash which took the life of one victim. He stated that on February 18, 2012 at five minutes past one o’clock in the afternoon, a Ford 1994 Probe was running northward at top speed along Center Point Road. Probably due to the speed, the driver lost control and the Ford overturned as it reached north of Levans Road.

Witnesses reported to Nicholas Moore, State trooper of Georgia and primary investigator assigned to the case, that the vehicle already ran a stop sign and over-took another car in a no-pass zone before the driver lost control.

Young added that no one among the people inside the car was wearing seat belts during the crash. The driver and another passenger, identified as Richard Christopher Evans, age 24 years from Temple were hurled out as the car overturned. Newman and Evans were seated at the car’s driver side.

The third person in the car was identified as Todd Allen Goddard, age 27and resident from Temple who died on the scene due to critical injuries. He was seated in the front passenger seat beside the driver. The fourth car occupant was identified as Christopher Allen Nestick, age 26 residing in Villa Rica. He had critical injuries and was airlifted to the Atlanta Medical Center.

Moore said that investigation pointed to alcohol as one of the main factors causing the crash. Trial is ongoing and the first witness will be called at 9:30 that morning.

Meanwhile in the court room hearing the drug case that Monday, lots of time were wasted arguing about suppressed evidence.

The defense attorney said that the reason why his client was stopped while traveling east on the Interstate 20 to Collin County was not clear and clearly unconstitutional.

On February 2, the accused driving a Ford 2006 F150 was stopped during a routine traffic stop; Carroll Country Sheriff Terry Langley said that the traffic cops were able to discover 45 pounds of crystal meth ingeniously hidden on the truck floor. The illegal drug was worth about $1.6 million.

The defendant was charged the following: trafficking prohibited drugs, following too closely other vehicles and failure to maintain lane.

Langley believed that the county is turning as a hub for drugs.

The accused will be facing a minimum imprisonment for at least 25 years and a fine of $1 million due to the high value of the drugs.

Bobby Lee Newman was also facing several charges: homicide by vehicle; serious injury by vehicle and DUI. The defense counsel of Newman stated that the state is still going over multiple depositions and would cooperate if they will continue to do so. The court agreed and the case will be continued until 2013.

According to Asst. D. A., the case of Newman was already established; that he was the driver of the one-car accident which caused one fatality and several injuries.

The fatality was 27 years-old Todd Goddard who died on the scene during the February fatal mishap with 24 years old Richard Evans and 26 years old Christopher Nestick, who were both seriously injured.

Faucette said that when the responding officers arrived, Newman was outside of the car but witnesses claimed that Newman was the driver. When given a test, Newman’s BAC was above the legal limit.

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