Commuters coming from New Jersey going into South Philadelphia will be expecting delay as an over-turned tractor-trailer is blocking the area. This condition will cause traffic to pile up soon..

At around 1:30 p.m., this big truck was negotiating its way off ramp coming from I-76 westbound approaching Front Street.  Just after passing just passing Walt Whitman Bridge toll plaza, it over-turned.

There is no word on what led the accident. Authorities are trying to figure out what could have caused the truck to overturn when weather was fine and traffic was not heavy.

This would be another reason for motorists to complain about as traffic will be delayed. It will take time for the crew to unload the truck, tow it and clear the road.

Fortunately, there was not report of injures and no other vehicle was involved.

Authorities are on the scene to investigate the cause so it will not happen again.

Like other vehicles, trucks are busy plying the roads and are involved in many kinds of accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration made a study of possible causes of accidents.

Among the top three based on percentage are: Drugs – They discovered that 26% of the crashes are due to prescription drugs or illicit drugs used by the driver which slows down his reaction time. Speeding – is another cause making 23% of accidents. The power of the impact coming from an 80,000-pound truck becomes more death defying with every mile of increased speed. Driver’s unfamiliarity with the area caused 14% of accidents; one reason was the failure of drivers to check blind spots properly.

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