Immigrants san documents have always tried to get inside Texas hoping for a better life inside the states. But for some, they never fulfill their destination. Six immigrants, suspected to be without documents died and nine others were injured after their truck chased by border police crashed into the Naval Air Station security barrier in Kingsville Texas. Spokesperson for the Naval Air Station, Jon Gagne said that the guard at the gate was approaching a 1996 GMC Sierra pickup Wednesday night, but the operator fled through the first gate without stopping. As the barriers popped up beyond the gate were activated, the vehicle slammed onto them, explained Senior Cpl. Charlie Ramirez. Before getting into the base are two guardhouses; the truck unmindful of the guard’s presence did not stop at the door of the first guard; instead, it sped through the naval air base so the guards activated the safety barriers that would keep off unwanted entrants from entering the base itself. The truck crashed head-on the activated safety barriers. Undocumented immigrants’ crash accidents on or near the border are frequent occurrences in the border security of the U.S. Security measures have been ramped up but immigrants are also adopted innovative methods to enter the country. Both death and living have not yet been identified, but authorities are sure that they come from Honduras. The nine surviving migrants are still being treated and most of them are listed in critical condition. Since Kingsville which is 40 miles southwest of Corpus Christi, the Police had been pursuing the vehicle as headed toward the base. Last April, border patrol apprehended four undocumented immigrants traveling along Texas Valley of Rio Grande Valley. They sustained injuries when their truck crashed and rolled over several times. Then after a few days, nine more undocumented immigrants coming from Mexico died when a minivan with 19 passengers rolled over in the Texas Palmview. Authorities of Palmview cited that the accident took place just several blocks away from the place where the Border Patrol is conducting a traffic stop. The driver of the minivan halted for a few moments but then fled in a failed attempt to escape with his human cargo. Goliad County Sheriff’s Office, Captain Tom Copeland, after the July 2012 accident that left 15 people dead in Texas stated that all of these deadly accidents were due to smugglers who are overloading vehicles with migrants in prospect of making higher profits. The more people pack into a vehicle and get through, the more money he makes. It is a great tragedy for the families left behind who are wondering if their member gets through. On April 11 of last year, nine immigrants suspected to be illegal were killed with six other passengers injured when their van crashed and then rolled just after Border Patrol traffic tried to stop it in one of South Texas towns. Enrique Mendiola, Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley acting assistant chief sector, stated that most of those involved in the Palmview crash last Tuesday night were citizens from Mexico. The van was a total wreck but four passengers were able to run away from the wreck. Lenny Sanchez, who is Commander of the Police, said that they have already caught two while two still remained at large early Wednesday. He continued that the van what was intended to carry only seven passengers is forced to squeeze in 19 people who are all interested to enter the country through illegal means. Mendiola said that another incident happened in U.S. 83. After the Border Patrol agents halted the van and another vehicle. Some of the passengers got off and fled but agents pursued them on foot and were able to catch one. Then the van suddenly took off. After the agents came back to their vehicle, they found the wreck some three to four blocks away. The scene was filled with debris of backpacks and water bottles. There were also nine bodies strewn within 30 yards from the van. The other vehicle was not identified. Diana Castillo, a young woman, who lives in the neighborhood, told TV reporters that she was not able to witness the accident. She saw after that some crash victims were still moving. The bodies were scattered everywhere. Mendiola said that the authorities were working with the Mexican consulate to identify the dead. It is so sad that these people intended to live a better life here only to lose their lives. Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages. Please consult with an experienced  Texas car accident lawyer now for free consultation.
Source: Latino Fox News Com
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