An accident claimed another life by the death of a driver at 7:24 p.m., last Wednesday. The tractor-trailer driver expired that night of Wednesday when his truck veered towards the eastern lanes of Ottawa County Interstate 44, crashed into some trees and exploded into flames, this information was taken from the report of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

The mishap happened eight miles east of Miami, when the truck hit an embankment and was airlifted by the impact and continued running into the tree, said the state patrol.

Miami Fire Department immediately responded. The emergency crew saw that the driver was trapped inside the wreckage. It took the crew at least three hours and 37 minutes to free his body from the wreck but he has already expired.

The Office of the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner withheld the identity of the fatality as they waited for positive identification and time to notify his family.

For driver’s safety, he must take all the necessary precautions. It is true that speed thrills but it can kill, so keep control of your speed. Obey traffic rules which are designed for protecting lives. As they say speed thrills and it also kills. Wear seat belts which are life saving. Give preference to pedestrians and children crossing the road. Read caution signs as they are very important warning motorists of danger ahead. Air bags are installed in vehicles to reduce the impact in case of accidents. You have to attach reflectors behind the vehicle and workable lamps for good lighting. Do not be a DUI driver and be fully alert when you are behind wheels.

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