Many factors can lead to tractor trailer accidents. As you observed, tractor trailers are gigantic vehicles that carry much heavy load. The size of the vehicle plus its load made controlling them quite difficult that they are more prone to accidents. It requires an expert to operate a truck trailer safely but even professional truck trailer drivers are liable to accident as being on road for long hours, they get exhausted that can lessen their ability to control the vehicle.

A man from  died a little after Wednesday midnight when the tractor-trailer rig he was operating went off a bridge on I- 35W, just at the southern part of Grandview along 102 County Rd.

Trooper Dub Gillum from the Texas Department of Public Safety identified the driver as Victor Owen Saul, age 55. He was pronounced dead at 2:23 o’clock in the morning at the Regional Hospital of Hills.

According to another report, an accident happened when a driver who fell asleep behind the wheel slammed against the guardrail of the lanes at the south of I-35W at CR 102. Due to the accident, the guardrail is now protruding across both southbound lanes of I-35W.

At about12:50 o’clock in the morning, Saul was driving a Volvo 2007 truck tractor while pulling two trailers behind. He was traveling along the southern part of I-35W he veered towards the right to avoid hitting the rail guard across the interstate. The movement caused the  Truck Driver killed on I-35 and trailers to spin sideways. The truck was running off the bridge over CR 102 on the east side of the southbound lanes until it fell about 20 feet to the roadway below.

Reports indicated that the first trailer just behind the truck also fell off the bridge and crashed right into the truck’s cab. The second trailer that broke free from the front trailer rolled over and spilled its cargo all over the highway.

According to the police the deadly crash was investigated by Cleburne’s Interstate 35W in just after midnight of Wednesday.

Cleburne Police Department reported that the semi driven by operator, identified as Victor Owen Saul, age 55, fell off I-35W Bridge over 102 County Road.. There was a report that the operator fell asleep while on the wheel and hit the guard rail that caused it to protrude towards the southern lanes.

.At about 12:59 o’clock in the morning, Saul, the driver, must have been very sleepy and woke up to see  that he was approaching the guard rail; so to avoid the collision, he veered the vehicle and losing its balance, the tractor fell off the bridge. He was delivered to the Regional Hospital of Hill where he expired.

More details about the initial accident and the fatal crash were not available.

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