UNION GAP – A traffic mishap claimed the life of another victim. A man is dead after a semi truck hit him in the roadway on I-82 early this morning.

Washington State Patrol reported that a man was killed on I-82 early Tuesday near Union Gap. Later the police learned that this victim had been involved in a previous accident on a county road. He was identified as 20-year-old Charles Robertson of Yakima.

State Patrol Lt. Terry Liebrecht learned that the man was apparently walking to a residence in the rural area when he was hit by a semi-truck and maybe another vehicle. He died at the scene at 2:45 a.m.

The Washington State Patrol said that the 20-year-old victim identified as Charles Robertson resident of Yakima had been involved in another accident a short time before. Troopers said that he crashed his car off Ragan Road and into an apple orchard.

After the crash, Robertson ended up walking in the roadway on I-82 near Exit 40 about two miles south of Union Gap, and right into the path of a semi truck.

Troopers said the truck driver was not even aware that he had hit a person. He was trying to determine what he had struck when he called the state police. He got back to the scene and waited for the authorities.

State Patrol Sergeant Greg Tri said that the semi truck driver cooperated with them. However, the police still don’t know why the victim ended up in the roadway or how he crashed his car.

Investigation is ongoing. No charges have been filed as it will depend on the outcome of the investigation.

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