Two significant car crashes ended the cold months of January for the Atlantans.
On Tuesday morning in DeKalb County, a 9-year-old boy was struck by a car and remains in the local hospital in critical condition.

Police spokesperson of DeKalb County Police, Mekka Parish reported that at 700 o’clock that morning, Moses Moore, age 9, suddenly emerged from a crosswalk when he was hit by an SUV Mercedes along Panola Road. Witnesses said that the boy abruptly darted in front of the vehicle, with the green light on.

Parish corrected the original news that Moore died on the scene for the police later got a call that the boy was alive but in critical condition.

Roberta Moore, mother of Moses issued a statement last Wednesday thanking all those who were giving out their love and support for her son. She asked for their prayers and request for a bit of privacy while the family is facing the difficult event.

Investigators learned that Moore is studying at the Elementary School of Panola Way.

Neighbors claimed that they saw the boy at 7:00 in the morning walking by alone and they thought it was strange for him to be alone early in the morning.

Tiffany Goodson, one of the neighbors said that Moses came to her house and requested her to give him a ride to school. Moses confided that he had been suspended from the school bus and needed a ride to school. Goodson told the boy to wait as he could go with her boyfriend who was preparing to leave for work. She left him by the door as she went inside to inform her boy friend. When she returned to the door, Moses was gone.

Members of the family confirmed that Moses was recently suspended from school and left early while everyone else was asleep. They believed that the boy did not know that his suspension was for school, not just from a bus ride. In his desire not to miss classes, he decided to walk to school.

Authorities are trying to discovering the circumstanced behind the accident, like why Moses was by himself early that morning. No charges were filed against the car driver.

.The State Patrol is Georgia is on the look-out is looking for a pick-up truck driver that a witness claimed hit and injured a motorcyclist from Carrollton and then fled from the scene.

Officer Gordy Wright of GSP Public Information t said the motorcyclist, identified as John Floyd Ivan Pulliam, 46 years old, was going south along Georgia Highway 1 when a blue Chevrolet truck negotiated a left turn just in front of the motorcycle. The accident took place Sunday just before 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

Wright reported that the motorcycle crashed on the right front of the truck, impelling the motorcycle to spin and at the same time ejecting the driver.

A witness to the crash said that the truck halted for a while then hurriedly fled from the scene.

The victim was airlifted by helicopter ambulance to the Medical Center of Atlanta with critical injuries. His wife, Carrie Liner said that the leg of Pulliam will have to be amputated. Pulliam was ejected from his Suzuki during the mishap where serious injuries were concentrated on his leg.

Liner will have to decide by Tuesday for the doctors to amputate her husband’s leg. Liner said that her husband was a good person. And she still believed that, aside from the hit-and-run truck driver, there are still many Good Samaritans around. She mentioned that one bystander placed his belt around her husband’s leg and saved his life.

Liner said her husband worked as a roofer and the family not carry insurance. She reported that the community of her church will be organizing a meat sale to raise money more her husband’s medical expenses.

Wright is requesting assistance to search for the hit-and-run driver. Anyone with information is requested to call the police. They are also requested to be on the lookout for a pick-up truck with a blue Chevrolet body which has a damage at the right part.

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