A young motorist and a 55 year old man had perished in two different accidents that occurred in Brooklyn, according to police.

The victim, an unidentified pedestrian, was hit by a Lincoln Town Car at Fort Hamilton and 39th St. in Borough Park on Sunday shortly before midnight.

A worker in a nearby bodega, 50 year old Remigir Cajamarca, had alerted 911.

Cajamarca said that the victim was just sprawled in the middle of the road and was not making any movements. The victim was brought by paramedics to Maimonides Medical Center where he was declared dead.

The driver of the car that hit her had stayed on the scene and was not filed with any charges, according to the police.

In another incident, Constantine Beyn, along with her passengers, was riding a Toyota Camry when the car had jumped over a curb and crashed into a stanchion in the subway. Beyn perished at Lutheran Medical Center after four hours from the time of the accident—at around 10:15 in the evening—that occurred at Shell Rd. and Bouck Count.

Beyn’s passengers, two 24 year old women, were also brought to Lutheran Medical Center where they were reported to be in a serious but nonetheless, stable condition.

A third passenger, a 22 year old man, was brought in to Lutheran for the treatment of his sustained injuries but is expected to be discharged later on.

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