When suspected drunken driver moved his vehicle to another lane, he crashed into a concrete wall in northwest Dallas. Dallas police are investigating the incident as one passenger in the car died.

The driver, who remained unidentified, was going north towards Midway Road at Block 10600 at about around 5:12 in the morning of Sunday. The car malfunctioned and the driver lost control which drifted the vehicle into the right lance and crashed into a solid wall at the intersection of Beaver Brook Place and Midway Road.

A passenger who was seated at the right side of the back seat died from critical injuries sustained at the crash. He was identified as Robyn Kemp, age 27 and a resident of California.

According to the police, there was no other occupant in the car except the driver whose identity is kept off the media.

Also during the same date, two police officers of Carrollton patrol officers sustained injuries after their police car was hit by a suspected intoxicated driver that Sunday morning.


The two in Carrollton police officers were injured Sunday morning due to a crash at 35 E Interstate in the vicinity of President George Bush Turnpike. The mishap took place at around 6:00 o’clock in the morning at the highway northbound lanes after the police halted a vehicle for a driver suspected of DWI.

Finally the three traffic officers in two patrol cars were able to arrest the suspected DWI of last Sunday’s accident. He was apprehended and placed at the back seat of the patrol car. As the police were conducting the arrest, they received a call of another DWI driver in the same area. Then another call informed them after a while that the second drunken driver crashed his car at the rear of the police car.

The crash injured the two traffic officers inside and they were delivered to the area hospital for for treatment for minor injuries.

After the first week of January, policemen from Arlington were investigating a reason for a dealy crash that hit a home in the early morning of Saturday.

According to the Arlington Police, at about 2:45 o’clock in the morning, they got a call about a crash in New York Avenue’s Block 6100. When they arrived at the scene, at Faithful Trial, the driver was dead on the scene.

Police preliminary investigation showed that the driver was going south along New York Avenue when the car veered left at the Faithful trial roadway. It crashed on a fire hydrant, then a fence and rolled forward until it finally crashed into the front of a house.

By luck, no one inside the house was injured and the driver had no passenger.

After the Medical Examiner of Tarrant County looked at the injuries of the driver, the learned that he was Andrea Dominguez, 2o years old and residing in Fort Worth.

The day before Christmas, one person sustained injuries while several drivers damaged their vehicles as they were trying to evade a car travelling the wrong way on the north side o 350 State Highway last Monday.

Due to the confusion, some drivers crashed on the guard rail in trying to prevent their cars from going south on a north lane.

One mishap took place in the southern part of Trinity Boulevard while another happened at the northern side of the same Boulevard.

Responding to the scene of the two accidents were Police officers from Euless, Fort Worth and , Grand Prairie.

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