TRACY, Mo. — An innocent woman’s life was claimed after a head-on vehicular collision with a notorious robber who the police were pursuing. The suspect also died in the incident.

According to the police, 57-year-old Antwinette Holtsclaw was killed on the scene on Monday afternoon along 92 Highway after her vehicle collided head-on with 27-year-old Randy Hartline’s stolen vehicle. Hartline was brought to the hospital where he later on succumbed to death.

Hartline led a high speed car chase with the police in an attempt to escape the police. The police say that around 5 vehicles were stolen by Hartline between Iowa and Missouri.

Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Lowe said that Hartline had committed criminal acts, even taking the vehicles at gun point. Lowe added that they wanted to end the pursuit as peacefully as possible, but Hartline chose otherwise and with that decision, an innocent life has been claimed.

The police clarified that there were no drugs or alcohol involvement neither in the incident nor in the theft.

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 Police Chase Has Deadly End