After the a semi-truck and a car collided at the southern State R-87 at 179 mile after eastern part of Arizona’s Fountain Hills, two people were left dead.

The mishap took place before 9:00 o’clock in the evening of Tuesday along Center St. and SR 87 which is just at western Mesa Drive.

Public Safety Department reported that the car overturned that caused the death of two people inside the vehicle. Those victims were identified as Earl Beasaw, age 85, and Janice Sipple, age 85, both resident of Mesa.  DPS learned that Beasaw was operating the vehicle.

The accident in the Mesa area caused the death of two elderly motorists last Tuesday.

According to Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers, Earl W. Beasaw was driving a sedan with four doors traveling at Center St. At around 8:55 o’clock in the evening, Beasaw attempted to enter Arizona 87 Beeline Highway; in doing so, he crossed into the path of a semi-truck.

Investigators said the driver of the trucker was not able to avert the collision and the semi smashed into the sedan, that the impact made the sedan flip. Paramedics arrived at the scene, but were no longer able to save Beasaw and his passenger, Janice Sipple of Mesa.

The semi’s driver was not injured.

Investigators said that Beasaw was already on the Center St., going towards State R- 87, when the mishap happened. They believed that the driver either failed to stop or failed to yield. The semi hit smashed on the broadside of Beasaw’s sedan.

According to Arizona Department of Public Safety, there are more than 823 travelers who died in traffic accidents in 2012, compared to around 827 in 2011.

Two elderly persons were killed on State R- 87 that is familiarly called as the Beeline Hi-way. The cause of the fatalities was that the vehicle they were riding was crashed on the broadside by a tractor-trailer.

Investigators believed that the driver made a wrong turn in front of the truck that was coming from Center St. and on to the highway. The two elderly victims sustained serious injuries that neither survived the ordeal long enough for paramedics to treat them.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

DPS said that Beasaw and Sipple were both wearing their seat belts because of the impact, their seatbelts were not able to restrain them By the time the emergency responders arrived, they were both dead.

There have been many terrible 18-wheeler accidents involving trucks that are not able to brake before colliding with other cars, The impacts of such accidents are very serious and tremendous due to the heavy loads that most 18-wheelers tows are carrying.

Due to the accident, Beeline Hi-way was closed for a few hours as law enforcement officials were making prelim investigation and assessing the scene.

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