January 05, 2013

An apparent display of road rage caused the arrest of two men Tuesday evening after they caused the injury of two elderly couple.

The trouble started at about 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon when one car rear-ended another at the intersection of City and 3th Avenues in the section of Wynnefield/

Police reported that the Nissan driver whose car was rear-ended pursued the Buick. Then the 25 years old driver of the Buick realized that he was being chased, he veered towards the incoming traffic and crashed on several vehicles and then struck heads on with another car at Block 2200 of Bryn Avenue.

Inside the car crashed by the Buick were a 90-year-old man and his 82-year-old wife who were both injured.

The driver of the Buick had an argument with the Nissan driver and ended up chasing each other. The Buick driver got out of his car and inside a grocery store as the 29-year old Nissan driver chased him with a knife.

They were later apprehended by the police and taken in custody while awaiting their charges.

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