Two cars that were speeding at top speed that had allegedly led to a deadly car crash last July were pressed with manslaughter charges, according to prosecutors.

The suspects, Michael Vines and Joseph Thompson, were report to be “weaving” in and out of traffic in very high speed of 74 mph in an area that was limited to 35 mph speed when Thompson’s vehicle, a Mazda, rear-ended a Honda owned by Elizabeth Demaio in Elmont, says Assistant Nassau D.A. Mary Biunno. The victim, Demaia, was trapped in her vehicle and incarcerated as her vehicle burned down in flames. Demaio, a nursing student, was reported to be conscious at a short time and was yelling for help and that she was not able to get out.

38 year old grandmother Demaio was getting her husband a cold drink when her vehicle was rear-ended as she was waiting to turn into a Dunkin’ Doughnuts on Hampstead Turnpike. Vines, an emergency medical technician, left the scene of accident but was later on arrested. 24 year old Thompson, a U.S. Navy Sailor stationed at Newport, Va., had stayed on the scene and was not charged at first. After a lengthy investigation, they were later on indicted on charges of manslaughter, reckless driving and reckless endangerment.

In addition, Vines was also charged with driving while impaired. He reportedly had fled the scene of accident and returned an hour later and told the cops that he left because he was disoriented. Vines agreed to be taken blood samples, Biunno said.

Results were positive of alcohol and although the level was only 03, it could have been as high as 08—legal level considered as drunk driving—during the time of accident but five hours had already passed when the blood samples were taken.

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